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Blessed with Kidz XL since they were six

The twins have been blessed with Kidxl since they were six. They do their homework, have snacks and are in an environment where I am totally comfortable. I don't have to worry that they are not well cared for. They are given love and all of the attention they require. They are taught good manners and are not allowed to curse. I am always asked where do you have your children in after school care that they want to go all the time? I am blessed to always give the same answer.... Kidz XL. The staff is loving, patient and always have a professional demeanor. Kidz XL has been and continues to be a tremendous blessing to our family. We don't know where we would find the kind of program that we'd love or appreciate as much as Kidz XL Thank you for letting us be part of your family we would be lost without you!

Sincerely, extremely grateful mom.


Mother of current 11 yr old Kidz XL boy and girl twins, Krystyn and Kaitlyn

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