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Kidz XL was life-changing

My experience with Kidz XL was life-changing. As a part of the original team of counselors, I was able to work with the program from the ground up and see the immediate benefits to the kids in the program. I came from humble beginnings myself, so being able to provide to those kids what I wished someone could have provided for me…was ultimately fulfilling. So fulfilling, in fact, that when I graduated from FIU and relocated to the TriCities, Washington area, I made it my business to create a similar program for inner city youth that expanded to 3 schools while mentoring over 300 kids. Much of my time off the field was dedicated to improving the lives of youth through sports clinics, tutoring, and offering words of wisdom as a classroom speaker and mentor. Granted, giving back to my community has always been something I’ve wanted to do. Kidz XL answered the question of “how?” and I’ve been giving back ever since.

Thank you for a life changing experience.

Lionell Singleton

Former Kidz XL Coach and Assistant Program Directxor

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