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Kidz XL made a huge impact on my life

Words cannot describe how blessed I am to have found a place so beautiful and unique like Kidz XL. You hear people tell you about how some significant event or person in their lives came along and changed everything. Well that's what happened to me, Kidz XL changed me. About 7 years ago I started off as a camper and I truly loved every minute of it. I was surrounded with unconditional love. I remember when we started off the day worshiping God and just praying and thanking him for another day, it was something I wasn't used to doing, But inside me something felt different, I felt that Christ was within me and I became a new person. Kidz XL has made a huge impact on my life and that's something I would always be grateful for. Kidz XL is incomparable.


Current Kidz XL coach and former Coach-In-Training and Camper

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