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Kidz XL prepared me for my future

My name is Talia and I used to work at Kidz XL a few years back. I first learned about kidz XL through some football players from FIU who volunteered as coaches twice a week. When I realized it was an after-school program founded by Pastor Rollo from my college small group bible study, I was excited to join. At first, Kidz XL was just a commitment I made twice a week to help children with their homework. I really didn't know the program's vision and mission. However, after developing relationships with the kid's parents and learning the community needs, constraints and opportunities, it redefined my purpose there. I will forever be grateful to the Kidz XL program because it prepared me to face the responsibilities of the world in a professional setting while never forgetting my purpose on earth as a faithful, devoted women of God!

At Kidz XL I learned what patience truly meant. I became patient with myself. I knew this program would be a great one, but it will take lots of work and dedication! We faced many operational challenges but God ironed out every bump on the road. For example, God was able to multiply funds and allow for us to hire enough help so that the program can serve the community, starting from 4 kids to over 100 kids. God gave me sight to see the beauty in our the building's floor plan and use it to our advantage when planning and directing the daily implementation of all academic, literacy & physical fitness curriculum programs for pre-Kinder to high-school without sacrificing superior quality service or wavering in our faith.

God used my ability to speak two languages to connect with the community and the school teachers and leaders to bridge them together in a wonderful partnership. Allowing me to be the parent figure for many kids whose parents work long hours weren't able to attend after school teacher-parents discussions on conduct or curriculum. Most importantly, God allowed for Kidz XL to be a platform to preach the Gospel and make a huge impact on the lives of the children, parents, guardians, coaches, crossing guards, teachers and much more!

I was able to apply everything I learned at Kidz XL when obtaining my Master Degree in Business Administration, and now at my current job as the Office Manager and Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice President and Chief Operation Office of a prestigious real estate developing firm. I'm involved in monthly budget analysis, revenue projections, and expense reports for both current projects and in the acquisition process of new assets for the company. Furthermore, Im able to preach the gospel whenever and to whomever and continue to feed myself spiritually through 4 bible studies a week by learning biblical theology, sound doctrine and studying and reminding myself of my purposely design role that was gifted and entrusted to me by our Lord Jesus Christ in order to glorify Him everyday of my life!


Former Kidz XL Assistant Program Director

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