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Kidz XL has changed me for the best

Kidz XL has changed me for the best and it’s been a process that is still in the works till this day. Kidz XL has been through many changes since my 1st year and the camps 1st year in 2005 with Rollo and Abner in charge, to 2007 when Nick came along to the current staff with Zach, Rollo, and the crew. Kidz XL has guided me in good way because I started getting closer to God. Before Kidz XL, I was a little kid that just wanted to play sports and video games and many kids don’t think about anything else. I’m catholic and it’s not like I don’t go to church or that I’m not a believer but I just didn’t have that connection with him. Nick’s bible studies and personal conversations that I’ve had with him helped me progress not only with my faith in God but also faith in myself and since I’ve seen my life change for the better. Not only Nick has helped but obviously, Zach which is probably the best replacement Kidz XL can ever find for Nick, has helped me with some of my struggles that I’ve had over the years. Rollo which I like to call the godfather at times, and even past Kidz XL graduates like Diego which that’s my brother from another mother are a couple a people that God has put in my path through Kidz XL. There are obviously many others because I am an old geezer but if I name them all, this paragraph will turn out to be a 3-page letter or more. Since I left Miami in 2010 I have graduated from FSU as a civil engineer and on May 4th, 2017, I graduate as a structural engineer from UCF. I currently live in Orlando but I’m looking for a job around Florida and I’m confident I’ll find the job that I want soon. It’s funny when I go back to visit, I start relating to some of the kids in the program because I was in their situations but with Kidz XL and guidance from all the coaches I know they’ll be alright!

Wilson Celis

One of our first Kidz XL students and former Coach-In-Training and Coach

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