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Kidz XL taught me that God has a plan for my life

Kidz XL was life changing for me to say the least. I stumbled across Kidz XL as many FIU athletes did and thought it was the perfect job. It encompassed a flexible schedule and allowed me to make a difference in the lives of young children within our community. Kidz XL strives itself on building up our youth but more than anything it strives on building leaders. When I started working in Kidz XL I was in somewhat of a crossroads in my life. I was in pursuit of my dream in becoming a registered nurse, but continued to encounter roadblocks along the way. I wanted to become a nurse so badly, but the challenges I encountered left me feeling rejected and defeated. Then Kidz XL taught me an invaluable lesson, “God has a plan for your life”. Kidz XL emphasized this concept more than anything in our environment. We wanted our youth to understand this concept, as it would build the foundation necessary to achieve any and all dreams. However, the youth wasn’t the only one learning this lesson. Learning to live and understand this concept was the greatest contribution Kidz XL had in my life. Applying this concept in my life, made my life better. I let go of the idea of control and just went with the opportunities HE presented me with.

Seven years ago I was presented with the opportunity to move from Miami to Orlando. I met my now husband within one day of being there, and I completed my Bachelors in Psychology from the University of Central Florida. I then received a full scholarship to the Nursing Program at Nova Southeastern University. As a registered nurse I found my passion in oncology, and was fortunate enough to work in an oncology unit for three years. Now I am on the path to becoming a Nurse Practitioner. I am currently obtaining my Master’s in Nursing and will be graduating this August. I now know that the “roadblocks” were actually God’s detours to navigate me onto his path. HIS plan was better than anything I could’ve ever dreamed. I thank Kidz XL for teaching me what it meant to have faith, and for showing me the lessons behind God’s unconditional love. I know that as my life continues to unfold these lessons will not only carry me but they will also never fail me.



Former Kidz XL Coach

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