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Kidz XL instilled in me the values to be a Christian, husband and father

I was a proud employee of the KidzXL family from 06/2007 until 08/2010. KidzXL played a pivotal role in my growth as a young man who was away from home, and attending college at Florida International University. KidzXL not only helped alleviate some of the financial stress myself and so many other college students face, KidzXL taught me how to become a humble and productive member of society. Through KidzXL I was able to mentor countless numbers of children, many of whom I’ve watched grow into successful young men and women. KidzXL also provided me with the opportunity to tutor children who were having a difficult time with their school work. I was able to proudly observe children transform for C average students into A+ students. KidzXL is not only an after school program and a summer camp, KidzXL focus on the growth of young people within the community, along with the strengthening of families. I truly believe I’ve grown into the Christian, husband, father, and worker that I am today because of the values KidzXL instilled in me.

Today, I’m happily married to my college sweetheart, and we have a handsome 3 year old son. Three years ago, through hard work, we were able to buy our first home. I currently work as an Executive Assistant within the Executive Offices of American Express. One of my duty within the Executive Offices of American Express include the handling of high level escalated concerns sent to American Express’ CEO and Executives. I am tasked with diagnosing and rectifying the problem, along with sending a detailed report back to the Executives. In between my time working for American Express, I spent a year as a Child Protective Investigator for the Broward Sheriff’s Office.


Former Kidz XL Coach

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