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Kidz XL-erated me to be better

Kidz XL-erated me to be better...

I took a year off between undergrad and graduate school to pursue another passion of mine, coaching. KidzXL was the perfect outlet for me as I was trying to iron out the next steps for not only my career, but to continue challenging myself to be a better person.

Lucky for me, Kidz XL did all of that for me and much more. It is an absolute privilege to work with the youth as we were around them during their most formative years. I quickly figured out how I was able to impact others by habitually trying to do the right thing. Just constantly reinforcing us to walk in God's footsteps.

Serving the underserved never felt so good as it did in Miami at Kidz XL. Because of my experience with the community and La Vina I have been able to relate better to others, handle adversity with ease, and approach life with a more holistic view. All skills that one can't fine tune in any classroom.

In the past 7 years I completed my doctorate in New York City where I received the United States Public Health Service Award, created an intramural program for the university, and started 2 global health trips to Haiti and India. I completed my doctorate in pharmacy there and am now practicing as a family medicine pharmacist in Washington state where I am faculty for 2 universities and a medical residency.

It is 120% true that we are a product of our environment and my 18 months at Kidz XL fostered the perfect atmosphere for me to grow into who I am now and makes (definitely has to be present tense because I reflect on it daily) me a better healthcare provider.

Thanks Kidz XL for giving me something that is better than I'll ever deserve.

Much love.


Former Kidz XL Coach

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